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About Us

Our App

We-talk is a new chat platform made for people to meet people and make friends at any time and anywhere, We-talk is free and it will always be free and offering a fast, secured, reliable messaging and video & voice call that works on all devices, mobile or tablets or desktop.

We-talk is a modern chat platform utterly different than others. The goal of our app is to give a neat, clean chat experience and to make the chat rooms best again and modernize it.

Our Mission

We-talk started on 30 December 2016 as an alternative to discord. Our product support now the variety of features: sending a text, photos, videos, documents, and sharing location, as well as the video conference.

Our chat messages are secured with OTR, meaning the messages are sent by users aren’t saved in our database, and no third party, including We-talk, can read or listen to them. Behind our product decision is a desire to give to people the best chat experience powered by the best unique features.

Our Team

We-talk founded by Fazil Boudjelal who had spent five years experience at Microsoft. We-talk team working so hard and do their best to make We-talk a safe environment and improve the chat experience and make it the best choice for people.