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We-talk is an international reliable free online chat rooms platform where people connect from all over the world chat online at any time for free.

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Easy to pass files

Sending files in We-talk free online chat rooms is easy and fast and free with no cost without file size limitation.

You can send music, video clips, pdf files, photos, voice messages, and many more.

pass files in free online chat rooms

Groups & Channels

This free online chat rooms site allows its users to create private groups or channels, also can broadcast their channels and moderate their channels/groups by inviting people with the same interest.

You can limit the access if you don't want strangers to join your channel or group by locking it by a password only invited people who can join your channel/group.

Keep the people who matter we-talk

Video call & Audio

With video call and audio in we-talk, you can have free and reliable calls with your friends in channels or groups.

You can make calls one-to-one or group audio/video call and moderate it, is there any limitation for a group call? Oh yeah, no more than 120 people.

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Stay connected from any device.

With We-talk on the web or desktop, you can keep all of your conversation syncronized to your devices

so that you can chat on whatever device you want. Mobile or Desktop or Web

stay connected from any device

Giphy & Bots.

Maybe you're more of a GIF-er, do you express yourself using emojis? We-talk have many ways to express whatever you want.

Or, maybe you're old school and using words! However you roll, We-talk's got you covered.